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Jun 8, 2015
:iconinsanebuizel:InsaneBuizel has changed their username (formerly HueyBroneoLeonard)
Huh, its been very long since i've been on DA. And I forgot to mention im going back to creating my fancomic. But, the flash drive where i stored the documents got lost (Probably not the best Idea). Now I gotta go look for it all over my neighborhood. I'm still going to be a bit inactive from DA, unless I'm taking a look at this group called PMDU. (It looks pretty good).  But as for my fancomic, it's still gotta wait, although I am almost done with the prologue and the first chapter.

I may have promised not to spoil my comic so that people don't steal my ideas but I'm gonna give a little of what to expect out of it:

There's this kid named Nori who somehow got the ability to switch, by going to sleep then waking up, between two worlds: the Human world (his home), and the Pokémon world.  In the pokemon world he's a Fennekin, but in the middle of a forest he was found by a Chespin nicknamed "Twiggy." Along the story, Nori and twiggy have adventures of their own while Nori still struggles with his life back in the Human world.

That's pretty much all I can think of, but I hope to rescue my flash drive and hope you would enjoy it once I get posting!
Wow I absolutely suck at writing fancomics. That's what I get for lack of Manga experience and literacy. XD. Call me an ass all you want, but I only wanted to write the comic "to prove fanfiction at its finest." In my opinion, the Pokémon Mystery dungeon fancomics don't seem to be very good, same with the new game Gates to Infinity, so I thought arrogantly: "I'LL SHOW YOU HOW FANFICTION IS DONE!!" until I realized how complicated writing can be. I put down writing the comic.
Expect my comic to never be released until further notice. I don't have time to write it, my writing skills suck, my drawing skills are still in development, and I still have videogames to play, anime to watch, books to read, and a political concern to overcome (Don't ask; its all personal). Oh, also I'm starting to detest deviantart.
I refuse to tell how hard writing the comic can be, because I don't want anyone taking ideas. :P Plus, I haven't met anyone who can write really good fancomics... quite a shame, I must say, so no help, and no one to whom to pass the torch of my idea. If anyone knows or is any good fanfiction write, write some sort of message to me, PM, profile comment, email- I don't care; Just keep in mind that I will rarely respond due to my future and intentional absence from Deviantart. I'm kinda shifting over to Pixiv for a while; I see a interesting fan series titled Pokémon Chronicles (Not to be confused with that spin-off) or Pokémon Kuro (ポケモンクロ)But it's all in Japanese. K'sssooooh!!! Oh well, time to rethink my life all over again and get on with it.
-Rydenn, Over and out
4000 deviantwatch messages to go through..... k'sso.

I plan on making a really extensive Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fancomic. You'll probably see some sketches based off of it a bit to get a glimpse at it. Right now, I'm just arranging the setting and characters... give me a year. (. ) _ ( .)


United States
Just another brony (or not) who sometimes post art at random. I mostly spend my time looking at art. I do however, plan on posting more of my sketches and making a Pokemon mystery dungeon fancomic (no canon intended).

I need to frickin change my account name, people know too much of me! 0_0

Nihongo (somewhat)
Français (Also somewhat)
Deutsch (Its german NOT DUTCH!!!)

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